Chief Thomas Akpodiete

Chief Thomas Ajibola Akpodiete, ( MBA, ANIMN) Communications Manager

Born on 25th day of December 1956. He holds’ a Masters Degree in Business Administration, with specialization in Marketing from Ladoke Akintoa University. He worked with Consolidated Breweries Plc, which was brought under the umbrella of Heineken of Amsterdam and was subsequently merged with Nigerian Brewery Plc in 2001, the biggest Brewery in West Africa.

He held various positions in the company, ranging from Sales Representative, Key Account Officer, Area Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager.  He left the Company in 2006.

He joined an Accounting Firm, Time Value Consulting Limited, as Vice Chairman in 2008 from where I joined Swift Transactions Ltd as General Manager (Marketing.) He is currently Communication Manager in Felix Anirah Foundation.