Delta lawmaker distributes Livestock, Rice and Cash to his constituents as Xmas largesse


Sapele agog as Hon. (High Chief) Felix Uruemuesiri Anirah, Member, representing Sapele state constituency, Delta house of assembly, has been distributing Christmas gifts to his constituents, since Thursday, 24th December, 2020.

He is humble, assessable and a leader willing to assist irrespective of your status. One of the best legislator of our time. The High Chief, has benevolently distributed Christmas largesse to individuals and groups irrespective of their tribes and religions.

Over a 100 Rams, 60 Goats, 58 Cows, over 500 bags of Rice, Noodles Spaghettis, Ingredients, Broilers and Cash were distributed to hundreds of persons/groups across the Urban and Rural areas of Sapele state constituency.

The physically challenged including the deaf and dumb also trooped to his residence to collect their Christmas largesse and the elderly people were not left out.

The various communities, social organizations including Women groups, religious bodies, Christians, Muslim and Youths benefited.

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